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Pinyin Okay is a TrueType Times font for Windows (3.1 thru XP) and Mac used to display and print the Hanyu Pinyin transcription system for Mandarin Chinese. 

Downloading and installing


Using Pinyin Okay

Windows 3.1: kbdusx.dll*) 
Windows 95: kbdusx.kbd
Windows 98: Kbdusx.kbd
Windows NT: Kbdusx.dll*)
In each case, press the diacritic key first, release the key, then enter the vowel. Examples: <"> followed by <a> yields ä
<^> followed by <e> yields ê
The Pinyin Okay font will in turn convert ä en ê to "first tone a" and "third tone e".

Tone symbols over the vowel ü are encoded in Pinyin Okay by means of capitalization. This means that the font will convert Ü to "first tone ü", Ú to "second tone ü", Û to"third tone ü", and Ù to "fourth tone ü".

last updated on 24 December 2003