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The Hong Kong - Kong Incident

Jeroen Wiedenhof



Beijing professor and descendant of Confucius provokes anger by insulting Hong Kongers – Andrew Higgins, Washington Post, 22 Jan 12
孔庆东回应“香港人是狗”言论:我没说 – 凤凰/Ifeng, 22 Jan 12
Chinese professor calls Hong Kong residents 'dogs of British imperialists' – Jonathan Watts, The Guardian, 24 Jan 12
"Hong Kong people are dogs!" – Victor Mair, Language Log, 7 Feb 12
Surge in anti-China sentiment in Hong Kong – Juliana Liu, BBC News, 8 Feb 122
孔庆东的言论不代表内地人唱蝗虫歌者也不代表香港人 – Sohu 青年参考资讯, 8 Feb 12
孔庆东 – BaiDu百科, 8 Feb 12
Kong Qingdong – Wikipedia, 8 Feb 12

Course assignments

In an interview in the television program 孔和尚有话说 (V1 News, 19 Jan 12), Professor Kǒng Qìngdōng gave his views on the "Bitchfight" video. On, this fragment from the interview is presented in two versions.

1.  Check the availability of both video clips.

2.  The second clip is called "GFW-friendly". What does this mean?

3.  In the first clip, the dialogue is in Mandarin, and the subtitles are in English.

4.  At the start of the interview, Professor Kǒng comments on regional linguistic variation. Can you summarize his views?

5.  Later in the interview, Professor Kǒng can be seen and heard imitating a Cantonese accent in Mandarin.

6.  Describe the roles of interviewer and interviewee in this fragment.

updated 10 February 2012