MA course 2014-2015

History of Chinese linguistics



Jeroen Wiedenhof



This course is taught in the form of a seminar (werkcollege). Therefore attendance and preparation are mandatory for all participants.

Texts and other materials are assigned on a weekly basis. These have to be read and preparedby each participant before class.

On the basis of these materials, online assignments are set for each session. All assignments will be discussed in class.

Participants are required to prepare these assignments in writing and bring their notes to class.

Course materials

Texts and other materials are distributed online, on Blackboard or in class.

During term, information about the course will be update weekly on the webpage of this course,


Milestones and recurrent themes in the history of Chinese linguistics will be explored and compared. Close reading and discussion of Chinese linguistics texts, both in Chinese (simplified & traditional characters) and in English, will be combined with assignments on their content.

Course objectives: To increase the students skills in evaluating Chinese and English texts on Chinese and general linguistics, script, and language education; to expand relevant technical vocabulary in Chinese and in English; to analyze complex scholarly arguments; to compare different positions and traditions with original observations; to present oral and written summaries in English of (parts of) the texts; to actively participate in group discussions in English.

After the necessary groundwork has been covered in class, part of the materials and assignments can be geared to special group interests. Your suggestions are most welcome!


  • The term paper grade must be minimally 5 to pass the course


Pigeonhole directions: in the Arsenaal building, climb the central wooden staircase, then turn right. On the landing, in a metal rack of pigeonholes, you will find one marked "Wiedenhof" .


We need your feedback in order to maintain and improve the quality of teaching. Any comments and suggestions about the format and contents of this course are most welcome.

A formal student evaluation may be part of the last session of the course.

In that case, participants will be asked to fill out an course evaluation form in the absence of their teacher(s). These written assessments are anonymous and confidential.

Completed forms will be stored in a sealed envelope at the program's administration department. Teachers are not informed of its contents before the final marks of the course have been administrated.

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